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What is Future Holds for Python Programming Language?

Will Python be running in future? Is it coming to an end? What happened to the programming language in the next five to ten years?

Like the above, there are several dilemmas in the mind of enterprises already having Python running websites. The same is the condition of companies willing to avail Python development services to create a robust platform.

Here, in this blog, we will try to uncover the dilemma by reflecting on some important facts about Python. We also let you know the upsides of the programming language that make it still relevant for the future. Moreover, know the pioneer companies currently using Python expertise and have no intention of switching to something else.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on the same.

Interesting Statistics Related to PythonIndia

  • As per the survey conducted by the Stack Overflow Developer in 2020, Python ranked as the third most popular programming language. At that point, it was followed by other pioneer languages like SQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.
  • According to the Google Trends between February 2020 to February 2021, Python tops the search chart as compared to other languages like JavaScript and Java.
  • As of February 2021, Python has been considered as the most searched programming language covering around 30.6% of the market share.
  • At present, Python is the fourth most widely used programming language across the globe.
  • For over years, Python has consistently maintained its topmost position among other competitive languages.
  • As per the Q4 Reports in 2020, Python tops the charts as the best programming language and leaving behind JavaScript in the competition.
  • As per the most popular programming languages list available on GitHub, Python has maintained its position as the number two.

The above facts clear the picture about the stronghold position of the Python programming language. For many years, Python has maintained its status as a pioneering language surpassing the likes of JavaScript and Java. Thus, it showcases the strong futuristic position of Python.

Things that Make Python Popular and Futuristic

Not just facts only, but an experienced approach and maximum preference make Python a still growing programming language. Undoubtedly, it is running towards a more glorious future owing to the following few reasons.

  • Have Been Around Since 1991: Python programming language made its inception in 1991. Since then there is no turning back. For more than 30 years, Python is running strong and widespread. And, still, several pioneers brands have successful online platforms based on Python and are willing to grow more in the near future.
  • Beginner-Friendly Programming Language: For any new website developer, Python is a must to go through and learn other development skills. It offers easy to read syntax to all the developers and create tutorials from the same without even specifying the data type. Only the variable is more than enough to declare. Python understands from the context whether it is a float value, an integer, or something else.
  • Versatile Language: As you already know the fact that Python is here for a while. So, developers offer a packaged range of services to crunch numbers, vectors, and matrics. It can be used for tech calculations, engineering, perform Big Data manipulation, analysis, and start well with Artificial Intelligence technology.

In short, the Python programming language has a rich past, widespread present, and further growing future ahead.

Companies Using Python Programming Language

Another point that proves Python bright future acceptance is the number of pioneering companies considering Python for their projects. At present, there are more than 246,163 websites running on Python among which the most popular companies include Netflix, IBM, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Quora, Dropbox, and more.

Here, we have reviews from the most popular online enterprises today.

1. Netflix

Netflix, one of the prime and leading entertainment service providers has been using Python from the very beginning. The platform uses Python as its main technology for all the processes in combination with software libraries.

To better understand, here’s the breakdown of the Python programming language on the Netflix platform.

  • Netflix uses Python for building and operating Open Connect and CDN to deliver Netflix movies and TV shows to subscribers.
  • The platform uses Python for creating in-house tools for capacity operations, traffic disruption, regional followers, and more.
  • Python programming language is used to do statistical analysis and alerting.
  • Data exploration, automation, cleaning, and visualization.
  • Diagnostics, monitoring, alerting, etc.
  • Validation, automated security, and risk classification.

2. Google

Even the world’s number one search engine platform has high acceptance for Python programming language in the following manner.

  • Google has created the search engine making the best out of Python and C++.
  • The platform called is built on Python.
  • Youtube is powered by Python.
  • The code review and system administration tools and binary data pusher of Google is made by Python.
  • Much investment has been made in technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Robotics Projects, all are based on Python.

Is Python Ready for the Future?

From the above-mentioned points, it is clearly evident that Python is among the list of top programming languages. Admired and widely accepted all across the globe and number of websites and application are increasing rapidly.

Undoubtedly, the Python programming language has a bright future ahead looking at its current pioneer position and futuristic development. Just clear your dilemma of choosing this programming language. It will help to make your platform result-oriented and profitable in the time ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Python?

Python is a popular, interpreted, and object-oriented high-level programming language. Its the widely used language available for enterprises to develop end-to-end websites and applications with rich features, robust functionalities, and high-level security.

2. Why Python is So Popular?

One of the reasons that signify the popularity of Python is easy to learn programming language. Developers find it simple to learn the deep insights of Python without much trouble and flexibility to create the websites.

3. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Python-Based Website?

The cost estimation of a website based on the Python programming language cannot be decided like this way. For this, developers need to know your requirements, preference of features, budget, resources, and other complexities.