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Why Python is Considered Top-Rated for Backend Development?

There are a whole lot of technicalities involved while creating a website or an application. At times, it creates mind-numbing scenarios while choosing the best programming language, framework, API and libraries. Even the requirements related to programming language become explicit to develop a result-oriented product. Concerning the same, the best recommended is availing Python development services that ensure ease of learning, cross-platform ability, exclusive tools, and optimum level of security.

Here in this post, we will be discussing, how Python is an apt programming language for end-to-end backend development. Moreover, we will see why developers and programmers tap on Python apart from a variety of other languages like Java, Swift, C++, and more.

What is Python Programming Language?

Python made its inception in 1991 as an object-oriented programming language and popular for its widespread acceptability. Despite being in the industry for more than 30-year, Python is still reigning supreme and is a relevant choice of programming language owing to its clear and simple syntax, program modularity, code reusability, and other such factors.

All such characteristics are substantial to claim the thought that Python is a top-rated programming language for backend development. Still, look at the various factors reflecting its widespread usage across industries.

Key Benefits of Using Python Development

  • Simple Programming Language: Python as a programming language features the simple construction of codes. It uses spaces as alternative braces along with special characters for easy readability by developers. In short, Python offers easy to read in-built features for developers to quickly develop the customized application.
  • Object-Oriented: Being an object-oriented programming language is one of the important virtues of Python. It features diverse capabilities and supportive notions to develop the backend of a website. Moreover, the support of PHP 5 further makes Python fully organized, offer different behaviours, and properties.
  • Best for Machine Learning: Python is an ideal backend language when it comes to showcasing profitable Machine Learning capabilities. Developers find the language simple and clear that further help them to write for complex issues of Machine Learning in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, Python offers an extensive set of libraries for Machine Learning that include popular names like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Keras, and more.
  • Fastest-Growing Backend Language: Over a period of time, Python has grown exponentially as the best programming language. It is clearly evident from the point of view of Stack Overflow that considered Python generating a high level of traffic in 2011. Whereas, back in 2013, Python was  considered the 6th popular programming language. In 2017, it achieved the rank of 5th place and last year, it is considered as the 3rd most acquired and popular backend language.

Why Python is Best Recommended for Backend Development?

From the above, it is clear that Python web development assistance is preferred by a majority of enterprises. It includes pioneer names like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Quora, and more. Despite that, there are few reasons to satisfy the claim how Python is best recommended for backend development.

  • Versatile Factor: Python is a versatile programming language that is not confined to the limit of website development only. It can be used for Machine Learning, Data Science, Mobile App Development, and more.
  • Seamless Framework: Python offers an exceptional range of framework options for end-to-end backend development. It offers Django and Flask as the two most innovative framework options to enhance web app development to an optimum extent.
  • High-Speed Functionality: It offers quick functionality of prototyping and iterations with minimal investment of time and effort. Python offers a fast return on investment benefit that works best for precursors.

Final Thoughts

With having so many development benefits, development reach, and widespread popularity, Python is a result-oriented programming language. No doubt, it is best for backend development owing to its easy learning curve, simple syntax, code reusability, and other reasons. Simply count on Python to create a profitable platform to meet diverse business requirements. Concerning the same, get in touch with PythonIndia as a leading Python development company available for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Python?

Python is a highly interpreted high-level programming language that is widely used for developing the backend of simple to complex applications. The simple and easy to learn a language is widely adopted by developers to create customized, scalable, robust, and feature-rich applications.

2. What are the Key Features of Python Programming Language?

Code reusability, easy to learn, simple syntax, open-source, simple to interpret, object-oriented, easy to integrate, and high level of performance are profitable features of the Python programming language.

3. In How Much Time Python-Based Web App Be Ready?

There is no such particular time limit for developing a Python-based web application. It all depends on the nature of functionalities, types of features, and resources required on the project to set a particular timeline.